Retaining all materials in-house allows us to reduce construction costs and provide high quality to our clients.

One unique aspect of Yagumi is the fact the we maintain an inventory of most materials in-house. This allows us to do away with additional procurement costs, and more rapidly support clients when they need materials. In total, we have a combined 30,000m2 lot that we use to strictly maintain and manage materials. Each and every item in our inventory is of the utmost quality.

All artisans we work with are our prized employees. This allows us to efficiently drive teamwork.

Any given job involves at least 2-3 people. These may include Yagumi members and those from other firms; in total, we are over 300 members strong. Once one job is complete, a member may go to another site to follow up. We have a unique sense of camaraderie and unity not found anywhere else. You can trust us with even the most complex, large-scale projects.

By implementing the industry’s first specialized loading and unloading system, we’ve achieved dramatic work time reductions.

Most scaffold companies return to the office after the day’s work is done, then begin preparing materials for the next day. This can take up to two hours after the work in the field. However, Yagumi employs permanent on-site personnel in its equipment yard. These personnel prepare equipment for the next day, allowing field workers to be spared the effort and return home sooner, refreshed for the next day.

Strictly complying with all applicable laws ensures that every work site meets the highest standards of safety.

Yagumi strictly complies with the Industrial Safety and Health Act, Order for Enforcement of the Industrial Safety and Health Act, and other applicable labor and safety regulations. In particular, we install wall supports per stringent calculations in order to protect from wall collapse, and employ two handrails to protect from falls. We also give our staff special training and guidance on scaffold assembly and assign a licensed foreman to oversee each project.